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Summer’s Scoop for Life

Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry–you decide!

Choosing your favorite flavor for a scoop of ice cream as a child was never that complicated, but now, as adults, making decisions is much more difficult. So, here’s a smart ‘hack’ that can help you apply these 3 main principles of decision-making that really work! 
First–before considering your options, identify the problem–such as whether or not to buy a new home or car, start a family or change jobs, etc.
Then, ask yourself: 
1) Is this decision going to be fair for all concerned?
2) Is this decision going to improve my current situation?
3) Is this decision going to bring long-term benefits?
When you ask yourself these 3 questions, and can honestly say ‘YES’ to all three questions, you might consider moving forward. But, if there’s even one ‘NO’, then back up and re-address that question to see how you can change it to your advantage.

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