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How do You Achieve Happiness?

Happiness is so subjective for each of us. What might be totally fun and exhilirating for one person, such as skydiving, might be totally terrifiying for another. We all have to choose our ‘happy’, however, here’s the 3 basic truths of happiness to start out:

1) Good health–mentally, physically and emotionally. When you feel full of energy and confident, happiness generally exudes from your pores and you feel invincible!

2) Having a Purpose–we are all born with some kind of ability or talent. Even if it’s just for a measured and consistent job such as factory work, or something more creative such as entertaining on stage, or cooking, designing home interiors or all of the above! Having a purpose is what creates a drive in all of us and sparks the enthusiasm that motivates and inspires you to succeed.

3) Being Around Positive People–or we could say, staying clear of negative, spiteful and toxic people. People who are happy and fun to be around can lift your spirit and make you feel better instantly! Sometimes, people in our own family or circle of friends can be overly critical or depressing to talk to and it’s not always easy to stay away from them! But, you do have a choice of how much of your time you’ll give them. And, in cases of toxic relationships, sometimes you must cut off being around old friends, and even family. Life is way too short to feel trapped by those people who take away your enthusiasm and love of life!

Tell us what you think about how you can be happier in your life? Is it more income, healthier relationships with friends or family? Better job? Share your comments or concerns with us!